Buenos Aires on a Canon A-1


By Andrea Ines

Though I was born in the city, I grew up in the suburbs. But it has already been 10 years since I returned to this lovely Hell that saw my arrival to this world. I cannot speak on behalf of anyone else but for me, Buenos Aires is a roller coaster of emotions.

The constant activity, the expositions, the events, the lights, the laughter. The car horns, the people talking alone in the street, the dark alleys, the fear, the adrenaline. It has it all. And you cannot take the good without the ugly as well. It is just like any friendship.

“The Paris of Latin America”, and they do not want us to get cocky. It is impossible to walk through the downtown streets and prevent yourself from looking up all the time to absorb every detail of those tall beautiful buildings. But you shall not because, if you do, you would get hit by a rushed white-collar or

become deaf from the taxi horn of a tired driver. “Love is like a rose: precious, but painful”, so says the phrase. And I cannot help to think about Buenos Aires City, beautiful and full of spikes.

I imagine tourists getting off the plane hoping to find, confused by the reality compared to what they saw in movies and TV series, an exotic and joyful culture. Everyone dancing tango. But no. People in Buenos Aires City live their day 50% happy and 50% angry. There is no middle point.

We can go from laugher and anger in a matter of a second. From the joke they make on the radio while you are driving, to cursing whoever is not moving forward after the traffic light turns green. No grey areas, everything is visceral. Emotions run high, the roller coaster of emotions is always at full speed.

We suffer from the fact of we have a river only a few minutes away but, one that we have not been able to dive in since years ago. Another one of our ironies.

But do not despair because what the city takes away from you it will return it back somehow. In a couple of minutes you can change the luminous Corrientes Street for a sunny Sunday afternoon in Chinatown.

Another favourite contraposition of mine is the modern art expositions and the vintage wood furniture from the Flea Market.

Or being able to ride the underground subway and then visit the tallest structure in Argentina. Our own Space Tower.

And this why even though the rose may have spikes, it is not less beautiful. As one of my favourite phrases goes: “The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.” Get into the Buenos Aires City rollercoaster and enjoy the ride.

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