Bucharest on a Zeiss Ikon


By Alejandro Ilukewitsch

I wanted to share a bit of the film street photography I been doing in Bucharest since I moved into Romania around a year and a half ago. I am mostly a digital shooter, but not so long ago I managed to get my hands on a beautiful Zeiss Ikon ZM camera, and the film bug has started to slowly get into me.

Somehow the uncertainty of the results, the need to be patient and the colours, really got me hooked. I have been shooting mostly Kodak Ektar and Fuji C200, but also some Portra and whatever I can get my hands on. Results in black and white haven’t been yet that satisfactory but that’s part of the fun with film, the ongoing process to improve and get better results.

I am using the Zeiss Ikon with mostly Leica lenses such as a 24mm Elmar, and 35mm and 50mm Summilux.

I shoot for fun, I shoot for the experience, walking for hours, getting to know new people, new stories…. Sometimes after a day of shooting you come back with only one, and sometimes with none, but is the experience to get those pictures what makes it worth it.

Bucharest is great for photography and I highly recommend it for anyone thinking of coming here to shoot, you have old and new, beauty and decay. You name it, you have it.


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