Montreal on a disposable camera


By Laurence Plouffe

My name is Laurence and I am a Montreal amateur photographer. I’ve always been interested by photography, but it truly became a passion a couple years ago.

Today, I see the world through a camera lens, always scouting for a picture to take, something beautiful to show the world. My favourite weekend activity is choosing a part of the city I don’t know and going there with my camera, looking for good shots to take, and good coffee to drink.

Wandering around, without any specific goal, without hurry and with good company is the most enjoyable way to spend a day. That way, you discover your own city and get to know it much better than you ever would otherwise.

This particular series was a personal experiment. I wanted to make the switch from digital to film photography and decided, aiming to become more familiar with the process of shooting film, to go back to the first camera I ever owned – a disposable camera. The goal of this experiment was to get to the bare minimum of shooting film: composition.

The limited number of frames forced me to take a step back and analyse my environment. What would be the best subject? The best angle? How do the colours and objects relate to one another? How to frame my picture in order to create a story or convey a feeling in a harmonious, eye appealing fashion?

I would sometimes stand in front of my subject for a couple minutes, trying to figure out the best shot. I took this camera with me everywhere I went, capturing the beauty in everyday moments. It had its own little spot in my winter coat’s pocket.

These pictures were taken in my apartment in Montreal, during my daily commute, and during family trips in the last couple of winter months and the beginning of spring.

These photographs remind me of good memories – good time with friends, family festivities, the energy and curiosity of my cat early in the morning, that time when I walked home in the snow but wasn’t cold because of the good workout I just finished, and the first few days of sunny spring.

This series represents a turning moment for me as a photographer. This is the time where I developed a love and excitement for film photography. This is the moment where I started to be more conscious about the process and the message I wanted to send and the way I wanted to do it.

I started to study composition theories and using them with intention. Looking back on my previous work, I find that I would use these theories and rules, but without consciously doing it. What I learned from this experience, I use every time I shoot – whether it is film, digital or even cellphone photography.

I can truly say that I feel like a much better photographer and I wish to be able to shoot film more and more in the future.

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