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World on Film is looking for contributions from photographers from all around the world.

It doesn’t matter what you shoot – 35mm, medium format, or Polaroid, on a Lomo, Leica or Linhof.

World on Film plans to publish between 20 and 30 pieces each month, so if you’re interested in having your work featured, please drop me a line.

Everyone who’s published gets three rolls of Kosmo Foto Mono black-and-white film.

Here are the submission guidelines:

  • All submissions need to be written in English
  • All images have to have been taken on a film camera – no digital pics, sorry, unless it’s a pic of the camera gear you’re talking about
  • All words and pictures need to be your own work – no stolen words or pictures, please
  • All submissions need to be at least 350 to 500 words long
  • All submissions need to be accompanied by at least 10 images. At least five of those need to be landscape format (for 35mm) – and these should be cropped to 1290px wide. Square images should be cropped 800px wide. Please don’t send huge TIFFs!
  • Your submission should be framed around a place and the gear you shot it on eg ‘New York on a Holga’, ‘Lisbon on 35mm cameras’, ‘The Trans-Siberian on medium format film’, ‘Tokyo on a Leica M6’, ‘London’s Tube on Kodak Tri-X’, ‘New Zealand on a Pentax Spotmatic’.
  • Your pictures can have been published on the web or in print before (please link to them if they have) but please make sure the words are original – this will mean they are more visible on Google, and more people will see them. Please don’t just copy a post that’s already on your blog or website – these won’t be published.
  • Please include links to your Flickr, 500px, Instagram, blog or website
  • Please let me know if I can use one of your pics for the site’s Instagram account – and please let me know your Instagram ID so I can link back to you. I won’t one of your pics until i have your permission.

Have some great images but stuck on something to say?

  • Tell us more about the place you live in, or the place you’ve visiting. Why are you there? If it’s a holiday destination, why did you choose it?
  • What impressions did the place make on you?
  • Imagine you’re telling your friends about the place – what had the most effect on you? It could be the markets you visited, the food, the bars, a park or an amazing store you stumbled across.
  • What camera have you taken, and why? How long have you had it? Did you buy it or was it given to you? Is it a trusted companion or a pain in the ass?
  • Did you shoot new film or old, expired film? Did you buy it there or haul it with you? Is there a great camera store in the place you visited (or home, if that’s what you’re talking about)?
  • Who did you travel with, or hang out with?


I’ll be in touch when your piece has come through.

Thanks so much for reading

Stephen Dowling

World on Film



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